One trading strategy as an example

This section illustrates a trading strategy called the Slow Stochastics. It is a fairly simple strategy. But simple does not mean bad. Trading strategies come in many shapes and sizes. It is not the intention to promote the Slow Stochastics strategy. This strategy is detailed here as an example of a trading strategy.

Before diving in read this:

  • All trading systems/strategies generate winning AND losing trades. This is inevitable.
  • Do not slavishly follow a strategy. Adapt it to the futures contract you wish to trade. Avoid the deadzones, etc.
  • Understanding and implementing a trading strategy requires an intellectual effort and patience. Trading is not an activity learned on the fly. Only those who persevere beyond the point where others give up will succeed.
  • The screenshots used to illustrate this strategy have been taken from WHS FutureStation. Permission was received.